What is Forex?

Forex refers to all or any international markets during which the currency is traded, taking advantage of the rate of exchange between the currency of 1 country and therefore the currency of another

The Forex market is one among the most important within the world, providing traders with the chance to profit .

what’s Forex?
Are foreign currency transactions only in Forex?

Normal Forex
Although the word literally means exchange , this market also works in many products like gold, silver, oil, coffee, and wheat, also as currencies of various countries.

How to trade Forex?

Forex trading
To trade the Forex market, you’ll open an account from a brokerage of your choice, then with the deposit that you simply deposited, you’ll trade anywhere on the pc , tablet or mobile .

How is Forex different from other markets?

The biggest difference within the Forex market from markets just like the stock exchange is that it are often traded bi-directionally. for instance , so as for the investor within the stock exchange to form a profit, he must make a sale transaction on this product. In Forex, you’ll make buying and selling transactions for the merchandise you would like together with your guarantee.

Forex market
You can enjoy earning or losing product value.

What are the trading hours in Forex?

The Forex market doesn’t belong to at least one position because it does in other markets, that is, it’s a market without a prescription. It opens at 00:00 pm on Sunday, closes at 00:00 on Friday evening, and opens 24/5 on weekdays.

what’s Forex?
Is the Forex market legally reliable?

Legal Forex
The Forex market is subject to the legal supervision of every country, while our country is subject to the control of the Capital Markets Council (CMB).

The capital of the Markets and Trade Commission may be a debt that has brought licensing status to forex trading providers, exchange trading offers organizations without a license in Turkey.

For this reason, the investor must be wanting to obtain a license when choosing a brokerage for trading.

How am i able to experience within the Forex market?

Forex is a beautiful market with many advantages, but if you’re new Forex, you’ll also try without losses. For this, you’ll open a free demo account (demo account) from any brokerage you would like .

The demo account features a default balance, but the merchandise prices are real and you’ll try it here by trading for a short time .

The demo account is extremely useful for the investor to urge to understand the market, letting you see the risks and profits clearly.

To create a demo account and experience in the Forex Market.fbs



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