Tone Vays

Former Wall Street Trader Tone Vays has announced its forecast for the worldwide economy and Bitcoin (BTC) over subsequent year.

In his statement, Vays stated that the governments will take comprehensive measures for process that’s damaged because of coronavirus within subsequent 1 year.

He acknowledged that there will be some tax increases to cover the damage suffered at the beginning of these measures.
In addition, Vays stated that some countries within the ecu Union may have to quit the Euro, and stated that the Australian financial organization may have strict attitudes almost just like the measures taken to prevent capital flight and to combat rising inflation last year.

With these sanctions, the world will head to Bitcoin, and with the assumption expected in the medium term, less frequent sales pressure will occur, because the daily supply of miners is less than half


Vays said that more investors would really like Bitcoin over subsequent year, despite the worldwide economy, Vays announced that in 2020, Bitcoin was acting in conjunction with traditional exchanges, but independent movements would begin within subsequent year.

“I believe that the worst days of Bitcoin are left behind. As for the stock market , I’m not so sure about this subject .

More people will accept Bitcoin as a secure haven for subsequent 12 months. ”Vays said that Bitcoin could rise up to $ 8,500-9,000 within subsequent 1-2 months.

Vays stated that if the economy continues to weaken during this manner , the possible rise of Bitcoin won’t be very high, and this instance is explained by the actual fact that people won’t want to risk the cash they have with Bitcoin or another crypto asset

But even within the worst case, he states that Bitcoin are getting to be $ 10,000 by the highest of 2020.


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